Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we?
Soul Interface Studios, also known as SiS, is a company of elite artists who have a serious passion for what they do, and always strive to be the best in their field, delivering top of the line, quality artwork. Our goal is to constantly exceed expectations.

What can we do?
Pretty much anything, from conceptual art in video games and film, to children's books, environment designs, character design, birthday cards, UI (user interface) work, Logos, graphic design, 3-D work, you name it, we can also easily adapt to any different style of artwork, we have a very well rounded team and can take on whatever you have in mind.

Why we will succeed?
We love what we do. We consider ourselves lucky to be striving in such a competitive field. And it's that passion that makes for a driven team.

How can I be a part of your team?
SiS has a very high standard of skill and quality that we hold to our artists on a daily basis. Our roster is currently full, but we always review portfolios, and if you think you got what it takes send your resume with a link to your portfolio to

How do I contact you for a job or information?
please check out the "contact us" tab and fill out the form!

What do you normally charge?
Prices vary depending on a number of factors, but we always try our best to fit into everyone's budget. Why should major studios be the only one who can afford professional industrial designs and illustrations? We will get you a quote withing 24 hours. We will also provide a spec sheet (if needed) so you know exactly what you want to get.